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The Tastemaker Collective Dad Hat worn by Kylie Jenner standing next to Kim Kardashian (Episode 3: Rites of Passage, Season 11) on Keeping Up With the Kardashians

The Dad hat is our hallmark. We are solely responsible for the return on the hat which is a result of this digital marketing campaign. Through this tested marketing strategy, we reemerged a pre-existing product to the global stage of relevance to now celebrity appeal.

Through the Dad Hat, Nikko, Winston and Jamel were ready to put their groundbreaking digital marketing equation to work and generate revenue. For Collection 2, they chose to release the eclectic “Im Sad Today But I’ll Be Happy Tmrw” windbreaker retailing at $350 USD

“Im Sad Today But I’ll Be Happy Tmrw” Windbreaker priced at $350 since January 2016 (no price drops).

“Im Sad Today But I’ll Be Happy Tmrw”

Windbreaker pushed through digital marketing strategy and contacts as advertised on Kendall Jenner’s Snapchat

The windbreaker also landed on R&B sensation Chris Brown


With the support of Kendall Jenner on Snapchat, Chris Brown on Instagram (twice), Mac Miller & Anderson Paak on the ‘Dang’ music video (13M + views) Moxie Raia on the Justin Bieber tour and strategic content curation, the windbreaker was able to secure two accounts H Lorenzo and Nylon and featured write ups on and


Grammy nominated Anderson Paak in FL Orange "Im Sad Today But I'll Be Happy Tmrw" Windbreaker 'Dang' Music Video

After the Highsnobiety write up and the Kendall Jenner post, Tastemaker Collective’s Shopify sales page was getting hits from 200 to 20,000 clicks per month.

After only two months in stores, it’s safe to say our test brand Tastemaker Collective has not only made a massive impact on some of the influential people in the entertainment industry, but was able to successfully transmute an online audience into online sales and in-store sales all in one year.






  • 7 years in digital media marketing

  • Clean, minimal content curation and celebrity gifting

  • We are driven by aesthetics and have a deep passion for creating new opportunities for emerging brands.

  • Produced 12 + Pop-Ups from LA to Tokyo with brands like Rick Owens to Bauer

  • 7 years of web development services

  • Produced and Directed numerous brand campaign shoots.



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