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Nikko Wambach

CEO / Social Media Expert

For the past 5 years, Nikko has been studying social media marketing heavily, while perfecting the art of trendsetting. He earned his black belt in social media strategy wokring on corporate Instagram accounts such as @targetstyle and @converse. In corporate, Nikko learned how to manage other social media specialists in a team to curate massive campaigns on the daily.

In early 2015 he would venture on his own to solely focus on developing small brands with the back-end knowledge he had learned from his corporate work. Nikko's first project was a small driving school in Canoga Park, Click2Drive.When Nikko started, the owner told him that the company was only bringing in a few clients per month. After designing and developing all of their social media accounts to focus on a much different demographic, Click2Drive was backed up 3 weeks in advance with new clients. After success with Click2Drive, Nikko began developing music artist, @lexmusicxo and Herbalife

leader @karla_fitlife. With continued success in developing brands via social media, Nikko realized his hands were full and needed to expand his team.

Just last year, Nikko, Iconic fashion and web designer, Jamel Bullock and Creative Director and social influencer, Ryan Winston started Tastemaker Collective ( & This sprung from an idea, Nillow and Ryan had years earlier when brainstorming was to utilize their vast array of contacts and social influence to build a collective. A year later, they teamed up and developed one of the influential projects / product of 2015 (the DAD hat). Landing on celeb / influencers like Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods and Jay Versace to name a few, would catapult their digital mdia platform from receiving 50 clicks / day to 2000 clicks / day within just a couple months after release.

They strategized a marketing plan before hand that would move the world without a huge initial investment. From here, Nikko and his business partners saw the need to mirror the new equation they had used in the Tastemaker Collective project to other innovative online brands.

Nikko and his business partners, Ryan and Jamel joined with SEO / web development guru, Sidney Wambach to create Another Level Media. The most innovative group of branding experts, teamed up to curate only the most innovative brands. The answer to every branding need is born.

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