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Sidney Wambach

IT Director

Sidney (Sid) Wambach is a young entrepreneur making his way up the business ladder one step at a time. He believes hard work, persistence, passion and motivation are the main components of success.

To achieve his goals, Sid isn't afraid of staying up all night and sacrificing weekend fun. Currently, Wambach retains two positions providing software integration - online development - Search Engine Optimization (Another Level Media), teaches middle school to education future generations. He works hard due to his passion for business development and local community development.

His early upbringing in an academic environment accelerated his ability to open his first company at age 19. His last company (Startup Bellevue) delivered tech events with Microsoft, Google, Startup Weekend and local government which ranged in the thousands and became a launch-pad for many young entrepreneurs. His favorite line is "If you want something, do the hardest aspect of attaining it first."

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